Why Product Knowledge Is Everything

“Knowledge is power”. Sounds cliché right? While this may be the case, it couldn’t be more true.

When I ask people what they’re struggling with the most in their sales approach, I always get a very similar answer from everyone­ “I have an amazing product that I know people can gain tremendous value from. But, I can’t get them to realize it.” This is one of the most common mistakes that people fall into when trying to sell anything. In the past, I’ve personally been set back from becoming discouraged by this obstacle.

Fear no more! I was so fortunate to uncover a huge advantage that has paid dividends for me and I’d love to provide any insight I can.

All successful sales strategies share an integral piece. I’ll say it again, knowledge is power. You have to know your product. I’m not just talking about knowing what you’re selling, it’s deeper than that. I’m talking about knowing what you’re selling so intimately that you can share it with anyone and everyone around you.

To quote the 1998 hit movie “The Waterboy” starring Adam Sandler, “You have to visualize and attack!”. Although it is hilarious on the surface, this rings true in the world of sales. You have to be familiar with what you’re selling inside and out. Then, when the time comes, you can provide the best solution for your client to help them visualize using your service and benefitting from it on day one. Your client will retain the information you’re providing if you can show them when and where it will make their life easier. How can you do this if you don’t know the full extent of your service?

Remember this piece of important information and it will make your approach exponentially easier.