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Those are some simple credos that
we live by on social media.


You’ve probably heard some version of a of a best practice that says you should post X amount of times on social media per day. While it’s good to be consistent, you also want to be consistently good. We don’t just post to meet a quota. We post content that is vibrant and engaging. Something that your fans want to see in their newsfeeds.


Social media is not a press release to your investors. It’s about living a little! We like to liven up the room, or in this case the newsfeed, with fun content that your fans will enjoy. Quirky jokes, scrumptious visuals, and promotional contests that your fans can enter all are fair games.


Nothing is worse than seeing an unanswered tweet or comment from a customer to a business on their page. We view social media not just as a promotional social tool, but as a customer support system. Providing helpful information and customer service publicly on your social media platforms, might just win you over just new customers.


It’s called a “social” media for a reason. This media is, in fact, social. Life is all about developing relationships. Social media provides you with the opportunity to develop transparent relationship with your brand advocates and fans. This means we’ll engage in conversation and make sure that your brand’s voice is more than just a moderator.



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