Not Getting Through To The Most Important People? Here’s Why.

Did you know that the majority of your marketing efforts could be completely overlooked by the most important people in your network? Business Executives have always been notorious for having hundreds of meetings, calls, and events scheduled every month. How many of them do you think are actually at their desk on a daily basis? 

What if I told you less than 25% of the most important people you need to reach are viewing your various marketing efforts and pitches on their smartphone? That’s right. Those lengthy emails and bodies of texts you’re sending are getting lost in the vast purgatory that is the Business Executive’s email. If you’re not getting through to people, check the source.

A survey of over 23,000 executives conducted by IDG Global in 2014 unveiled some startling data: 92% of business owners own a smartphone, about 77% of them are shopping for new products and services while using a smartphone, and over half of them, probably while traveling to another meeting, actually go through the entire payment process for a new service while using their phone.

Are you still considering sending that desktop-only version of a site or that lengthy email containing paragraph after paragraph of puffed-up jargon? Think again. You could be missing out on some of your greatest opportunities.